Introduction of the company

The dynamic logo is an image of the Earth's tilt(23.5 degrees),
fuel's ‘F’ and energy ‘E’, meaning that making better energy for
the Earth is our ultimate goal.


Moisture remover G-conductor,

 D-conductor development, patent registration (water remover for internal combustion engine oil)


Establishment of DongI Group Co., Ltd.

Fuel additive POWER CLEAN 4D ,4G Development of the Flow Improvement POWER CLEAN D+

Development of E45G alternative fuel modified stabilizers (bio ethanol fuel)

Fuel additive POWER CLEAN 200


Korea’s Award for Environmental Contribution (carbon reduction)

Development of Alternative Fuel Modification 

Stabilizer M45G Patent application (automobile fuel additive composition)

EGK45 export contract modification stabilization agent

Patent application (a composition of phase stabilizers for new renewable energy in automobiles)


Establishment of Dongi Tech Co., Ltd.

Patent registration (automobile fuel additive composition / Gasoline alternative energy stabilization composition))


Establishment of Hongik  solve Co., Ltd. (Overseas marketing)

Fuel Additives PowerClean Premium Launch

Mass production and sale of new products (building a nationwide sales network)

Participating in local governments’ fine dust improvement projects / Working on cooperation projects related to ships and automobiles

Sam Chemical OEM, Jangseong-gun, gwang-gu Contract